Ambient Nutrition

Ambient nutrition is a new concept, pioneered by RISE, focused on readily available, diverse and nutrient rich food as a pervasive part of the experience. Guests and residents at RISE happily and effortlessly consume abundant healthy fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts from plants that are adjacent to where we eat, work, play, meet, and sleep. This part of the RISE way of life is supported by having a massive quantity and variety of organic food-bearing plants throughout the RISE landscape. To accomplish this, RISE has planted 15,000 fruit trees in addition to acres of vegetable gardens designed by world-class permaculture experts.


We delight in surroundings which nourish us not only with their beauty, but their nutrient utility as well.  A cornucopia of vibrant living plant foods is at our fingertips at every moment. Living amidst this perpetual feast encourages deep connection with the natural systems which support our highest functions.


The key to growing nutrient dense food is microbial diversity in the soil.  At RISE, our organically grown and species diverse food forests naturally enhance the soil. This provides guests and residents with a bounty of healthy food that has a measurably higher nutritional value than their conventionally grown counterparts.



At RISE, we have set a goal to be the most biodiverse source of food grown in one location in the world.  Diversity in our diet is one of the most important contributors to a healthy gut microbiome which directly impacts both our physical and mental health.


Farm to table dining is the only dining at RISE. The vast majority of foods served in our food and beverage establishments are grown right on the property. RISE residents find their kitchens stocked with fresh fruits, vegetables, grains and more. Local residents and visitors are welcomed to our public farmers market.  However, the farm’s reach doesn’t stop at the table. Fresh organic ingredients are incorporated into spa treatments and grace our decor.

Pioneering Practices

As in other core components of RISE, our approach to food and farming blends ancient wisdom with modern techniques.  Nature serves as a guide to personal and planetary health.  RISE is breaking new ground in ecological practices which support residents, visitors and the planet to thrive.


In permaculture, food production, housing, community and ecological restoration are viewed holistically.   Combining intention and efficiency with the utmost attention to aesthetics and functionality, RISE seeks a harmonious balance among all forms of life that will continue for generations to come. By unifying design leaders across various disciplines, RISE is elevating the conversation about eco-social systems and creating a new paradigm for regenerative living.


Home to an unrivaled botanical collection, RISE is both a food and plant lover’s paradise.  The retreat and residence grounds, as well as dedicated food production areas, are filled with fruits and vegetables that have been meticulously sourced and collected over generations from around the globe. Specific varieties have been selected which are unique in their flavor, abundance, resilience and nutritive qualities.


RISE food forests offer nature the highest flattery by imitating her design.  By taking all layers of the forest into consideration, from the canopy to the mycelium in the soil, food forests recreate the bio-architecture and beneficial relationships present in a native forest.  The size and scope of our food forests will make the RISE farm one of the foremost demonstrations of regenerative agriculture in the world today.


Sustainability is no longer enough in a world that witnesses daily destruction and degradation.  Now is the time to take responsibility for our actions and endeavor to repair the damage done.  Only by embracing regenerative practices in harmony with nature’s  laws and systems can we begin to heal and bring our planet back into balance.


In conventional agriculture we have been in a constant battle against nature: pests, weeds, fungus, weather and disease. This has resulted in the  incorporation of  toxic chemicals into our food system.  When we observe and adapt to nature and work in accordance with her cycles and laws, this battle becomes a loving and fruitful relationship which benefits all.


With a unique location bordering primary rainforest, RISE is granted with both a blessing and duty. In gratitude and recognition of the importance of our forests, we have committed to extensive reforestation of native and endangered tree species. These reforestation areas, as well as corridors throughout RISE and neighboring properties, will provide valuable habitat to countless wildlife species which need large areas to thrive.


Access to abundant and pristine water is foundational  to personal  and community well-being.  It is the life-blood of our natural  environment. Reforesting naturally occurring watersheds on the property protects against erosion, maximizes water retention and further replenishes the aquifer beneath our property. By making springs into sanctuaries and integrating water management into all aspects of design, we keep this precious resource in our ever present awareness.



Connecting with the local community deepens and broadens the regenerative work taking place at RISE. Creating a dialogue in which we both learn and share experience, knowledge and comradery enriches the experience at RISE and promotes collaboration. Honoring the local culture and embracing its people as family allows for the integration of RISE into the cultural ecosystem.