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Our Waldorf inspired school focuses on experiential learning; this means learning through experience. We are an ever-learning community where both children and teachers work together to increase the quality of our community. With an excellent team whole-heartedly committed to teaching through play and experience operating our school, we provide an environment that celebrates creativity over test scores and cooperation over competition. Our commitment to teaching from our children’s creativity and interests, combined with the awareness to teach what they might need to navigate the world as it is today, ensures a safe space for them to grow and play while learning in the healthiest way possible.

Accept the children with reverence; educate them with love; send them forth in freedom.

Rudolf Steiner. - Founder of Waldorf Education

Our school building is designed to fit into the natural surrounding areas without disrupting them. Following the river’s shape, the building itself becomes part of the landscape as well. As the shape follows the stream, the roof of our school collects water for use in the school, while excess water runs down the roof, becoming a waterfall at the end of the building that integrates the water into the running river below. All the necessary electricity is provided exclusively by solar panels.

One of the most exciting features of our school is the amphitheater area, which works as the school’s core. This covered theater allows for an immersive learning experience through its connection to the school’s natural areas. Thanks to its location, which is close to our river, the amphitheater will facilitate and encourage environmental education while nurturing creativity among the students.

For the younger kids, the playground is located in the protected area of the school building, a special area designed to fold inwards just like an arm protecting its child. The embedded space is shielded by an earth wall on the other side, keeping the kids safe while also letting them play freely.

With outdoor areas designed with climatic strategies to protect from excess light, rain, or wind, our school’s building allows the students to always be in contact with their surrounding natural space any day of the year. The school will continuously encourage the exploring of nature as an ongoing activity.

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