Those who wish to be a part of the RISE Community but are limited by time commitments elsewhere will delight in our Branded Residences. These homes are contained within the resort, making the time spent here feel like a long, blissful stay at the resort. Yet this is no typical holiday home experience. Branded Residence owners are part of a genuine community built on ecological awareness and betterment of self and the planet.

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From their location within the RISE Retreat, owners of Branded Residences enjoy easy and discounted access to the entire resort including our dedicated wellness spaces, programs, and education, as well as our wonderful and healthy dining options. In addition, owners have access to retreat services such as concierge, laundry, room service, and housekeeping.  Residing in the heart of RISE also creates an incredible opportunity to meet and connect with the amazing people that come to the Retreat as guests from around the world.



From building to design to landscaping to utilities, RISE Residences align with the principles of permaculture. Decisions on the physical environment are guided by close observation of nature and its cycles. Our buildings have a central nervous system that keep them in harmony with their environment. Branded Residences are located within an ‘edible landscape’ that is both beautiful and bountiful, providing our community with much of its sustenance.

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