Intended for permanent and extended stay residents, the RISE residential neighborhood provides families, individuals, and retirees with all the amenities and support they desire to live their idyllic life. Our eco-luxury homes range in size from 3-4 bedrooms to support a variety of budgets and spatial needs.

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Our children’s influence in shaping the world will far exceed our own. Therefore, it is critical that we empower them with the proper tools. Drawing on the teachings of Rudolf Steiner, our school will focus on experiential learning. The school will provide an environment that celebrates creativity over test scores, cooperation over competition.


At RISE, our Certified Organic Farm supplies fresh produce year-round to nurture and sustain us through truly healthy eating. All of our water comes from pristine mineral-rich springs within our community. Delicious food and pure water are essential, and our location was selected with this factor specifically in mind.


The digital age has revolutionized how people work. No longer tethered to an office, many enjoy the freedom to work from anywhere in the world. The coworking space at Rise supports those choosing to run their businesses from abroad and provides valuable collaborative opportunities with other entrepreneur residents.


Our shared Community Space features a large communal kitchen and dining area for events, a play area for children, and a yoga and meditation area. It is a place where we gather as a community. It is where we nurture and deepen connections to each other. Our passions are diverse. We are entrepreneurs, teachers, healers, thought leaders, artists, and more- and everyone has something to teach or share.

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