The Guest Journey is a celebration of ancient meets modern, where indigenous wisdom, time-honored traditions, and age-old ingredients sway in step with contemporary innovations and cutting-edge research and technologies. A stay at RISE is a journey in which guests explore themselves through our comprehensive menu of healing and educational experiences. No matter the path chosen, the Guest Journey is centered around understanding and harnessing energy and realizing the incredible power contained within us all.

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RISE creates an inclusive learning environment for guests to be guided in practices that promote wellbeing. Our diverse Base Packages offer unique focuses, unified by this commitment to participatory experiences.


For those looking to heal and recharge from ailments rooted in the modern existence

This program seeks to awaken the senses and promote higher level consciousness. It is designed to heal, rebalance, and realign physical wellbeing through macrobiotic eating, yogic and meditative practice, and energy enhancing treatments.


For those looking to discover new, uncharted lands and awaken untapped energies

An assorted selection of healing and wellness modalities gives guests a balanced introduction to the RISE core program. Only half of the Discovery program is predetermined while the remainder allows guests to tailor their experience to their own needs and curiosities.


For those looking to harness the full potential of their extraordinary physical bodies

Focuses on physical transformation and promotes the principles of healing through movement.  Yoga practice, tailored to level of experience, alchemizes with postural analysis, bodywork and a cleansing diet to promote renewal and ascension to one’s peak performance.



For those looking to harness the full potential of their extraordinary mental bodies

Grounded in the principles and practices of meditation, guests are guided on a next-level journey designed to access recesses of inner wisdom, insight, and peace. Individual and group sessions will expose guests to a diverse array of meditative practices.


Explore Credits may be purchased by guests to allow them to add on supplemental treatments and experiences. Promoting free choice supports the ideals of self-determination and discovery that reside at the very core of the RISE philosophy.


Each day of a guest’s stay here offers unique opportunities to renew, expand and grow through education, treatments and community.  From the moment we RISE until we drift softly to sleep, every day in our Retreat is a time of bettering ourselves, our relationships with others, and our planet.


The RISE day begins with group yoga and meditation, and continues with an experiential learning activity.


Afternoons are devoted to treatments and consultations. Guests are also encouraged to take some time for personal contemplation.


Evenings at RISE are a celebration of the day’s growth and healing. Community dinner is followed by Show & Tell, and then free time to socialize, read or retire early.