KINKÁRA provides a taste of what the RISE experience will feel like. Attention to detail and innovative design create a unique physical environment that encourages us to slow down, connect and dive deep.


Find an inviting home away from home at KINKÁRA. Luxurious and spacious tents are stylishly and comfortably furnished. Attention to detail ensures that every element of our living spaces, from lighting to bathing, exceeds expectations. Find yourself immersed in nature but enveloped in luxury at the same time.


Comfortable and engaging spaces foster dynamic conversations and robust collaboration. Our event spaces accommodate a wide variety of programming, from movement to lectures and small break-out sessions.


A variety of spaces within KINKÁRA have been designed specifically to provide ideal settings for connection and celebration. From intimate alcoves to communal dining areas, you’ll discover the perfect ambiance at every turn.


Exquisite cuisine tantalizes and nourishes our senses and bodies at KINKÁRA. The experience of ambient nutrition, where our food is an integral part of our environment, cultivates connection and vitality. Farm to table is our way of life.


How good can you feel when you are fully supported? Unplug from everyday life, breathe deeply of the fresh mountain air and drink your fill of the pure crystal waters. Enrich your daily practices or explore new ones. Upgrade your physical experience, mental clarity and spiritual journey with movement, bodywork, personalized herbal formulations, and fresh juices.


KINKÁRA is a microcosm of RISE and is guided by the same core principles.  Five pillars support this exploratory phase of development.  Each contributes to an innovative eco-system for life, reimagined.


With a clear vision of the more beautiful life we believe is possible, we unite to create it together. Hands in the dirt, shoulder to shoulder with others who inspire, challenge and support us,  we harness the exponential capacities of the collective to produce tangible outcomes. Access to  wellness resources, education, and practical tools create a supportive and empowering environment that amplifies the shifts we are experiencing personally and the magnitude of our service to the whole.


KINKÁRA is a unique melting-pot of educational opportunities and inspirational interactions.  From carefully curated events featuring global thought-leaders to hands-on learning, enriching experiences are found at every turn. KINKÁRA  fosters innovation by bringing together complementary groups of extraordinary individuals actively creating change in the world.




Beyond sustainability, beyond transformation, lies regeneration. KINKÁRA is designed to nurture a robust process of healing and integration, which influences our connection with the land, ourselves and each other.  Through a commitment to service, we blossom in unimaginable ways while enriching the lives of others. Loving stewardship of our resources and environment invites us into a deep ecological awareness and sense of connection that envelops and inspires us.


KINKÁRA is built on the active engagement of all involved. This is not a passive, consumable experience. The greatest benefit of your time at KINKÁRA will emerge from what you give, rather than what you receive. The idea, skills and authentic personalities of event participants are fundamental building blocks for creating change at the individual and collective level.


KINKÁRA welcomes individuals who are already charting their own course in life and are eager to contribute to a greater vision. We invite pioneers and innovators who enthusiastically journey into the unknown.